Credit May Be Necessary to Keep UK Motorists On The Road

Sainsbury’s Finance recently investigated the effects of the increased cost of driving in the UK. It found that 1.3 million people have given up driving within the past 12 months. Seventy six percent of other drivers polled have changed driving habits in order to save money.

This has led experts to state that some people may need credit in order to keep driving.

It is sad to think that UK drivers may be defaulting on their car loans due to increased fuel and auto repair costs. This could lead them to qualify only for bad credit car finance when they purchase a car in the future.

Drivers are taking drastic measures to make sure this does not happen, including not filling up their gas tanks each time they visit the station.

Fuel purchases of £20 to £50 per visit are becoming more common at the pump. Sainsbury’s Finance found that ten percent of motorists polled have switched to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Ben Tyte, Sainsbury’s Finance head of motor insurance, reported that the average UK driver faces an annual fuel bill in excess of £1,700, a 22.9 percent year-over-year increase.

Based on the increased cost of driving, the AA says it is more important to consider vehicle operating costs when creating a budget. This includes insurance, depreciation, and road tax, in addition to the more obvious costs like car finance, repairs, and fuel.

Consumers who are planning to replace their vehicles should consider purchasing a more fuel-efficient model.

Carpooling and public transportation are popular options for those who choose to ditch their cars. Some Brits are going eco-friendly, pedaling to work and the market. If driving costs continue to rise, the roadways may soon be much less congested.

This will be beneficial to the environment and the stress level of the remaining drivers.