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Paul Crane is the main contributor to this No Credit Check Car Loans advice website.

He has been a finance writer for many years and has a broad understanding of many aspects of financial industry which include:

  • Boat Loans
  • Used car loans
  • Auto loan refinancing
  • Paul has also contributed to many forums and websites and works mainly as a freelance advisor and writer.
  • Bankruptcy car loans

He has also contributed to online forums and radio shows and we are thankful to have him as an expert advisor at

Some of the topics Paul has agreed to address and write about (in relation to no credit check matters) include:

What are the requirements for no credit check car loans?

Poor Credit Secured Loans

Financing for boats and cars when you have a bad credit score

How to secure no credit check cash loans

If you would like to ask Paul any questions relating to poor/adverse credit finance then please send us an e-mail to the adress below and we will pass them on to Paul.