Company Refutes Myths Regarding Bad Credit And Car Ownership

MSG Cars, a UK company specializing in bad credit car finance, has had it with prime lenders. Many of these entities have brainwashed car buyers with poor credit into believing that they will never qualify for car loans, it says. UK residents need to drive and the company believes that those with bad credit deserve an equal chance at car ownership.

Even during a well-performing economy, some people are burdened with debt. The slow financial growth of UK households has made this situation worse. Mainstream lenders turn these individuals away when the goal is to obtain a car loan.

This leaves it up to companies like MSG Cars to reeducate consumers and then provide the help needed. The truth is that the credit-impaired can not only obtain car finance but they can secure an arrangement with a reasonable rate.

MSG Cars is one of the independent finance brokerages that cater to individuals who dealerships, finance companies, and other mainstream lenders have declined. Many of these people believe that a prime lender is the only alternative. By educating consumers regarding other options, the company can help them discover the best approach.

Visitors to the MSG Cars Web site receive a detailed explanation of their options and the process of applying for bad credit car finance. Those who are interested can complete an online application form. An instant response is provided by a non prime financing company and once MSG has approved the offer, a consultant informs the applicant of the lending limit and monthly payments.

With this out of the way, the consultant works with the car buyer to find the correct vehicle. After confirming the deposit and payments, the buyer receives the loan documents via email. In addition to the primary funding source, MSG Cars offers 12-month contract hire programs and longer contracts for leased vehicles.