Car Sharing Becoming Popular With UK Commuters

Many commuters in the UK are choosing a car over the train. Though they once embraced public transportation, they now realize that it is both time-consuming and expensive.

They are now carpooling with strangers and loving it. Even those who enter the situation unwillingly are realizing that carpooling is quite pleasant.

Using cash or car finance to purchase a vehicle and posting an ad on a car-sharing website it all it takes. Many people sharing rides enjoy the shorter commuting time and opportunity to meet new people.

Drivers post their route and charge passengers based on the price of gasoline. Those sharing the ride save substantially in terms of commuting costs. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

As an example of the savings, one man commutes from Cambridge to London and currently charges his three passengers £12.50 each per day.

A peak-time train fare between Cambridge and London costs £42. To avoid registering as a business, which increases insurance costs, many drivers do not profit from the situation.

They do it simply to keep their commuting expenses low and they enjoy the company during the ride.

The UK is not the only area where car sharing has become popular. Commuters in Germany are gradually embracing the practice. Younger generations in particular find carpooling appealing.

Some people fear the risks of meeting others considered unpleasant but this usually does not happen. Instead, drivers put their car loans to good use by helping friendly people get to and from work.

BlablaCar is a carpooling website in the UK, Spain, and France. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson reports that the company had almost no members in 2008 but by 2011, 1.5 million people had joined.

Rising European travel and petrol costs are the main reasons many people car share. Mr. Brusson expects the number of European carpoolers to grow in coming years.