Car loan 4 U Bad Credit Car Financing

Car Loan 4 U is an online lender that offers car finance options to those who are interested in purchasing a new car. Car loan 4 U pictureThe company does not sell cars but is only an auto loan provider that can help you arrange for car credit.

Applications can be done online on the website of the company and the decisions are provided instantly. The car credit options that are offered by the company are geared towards those with a credit problem since they have a very high acceptance rate.

How does UK Car Financing Work?

At Car Loan 4 U, you would be able to arrange for car credit for purchasing the car of your choice from any dealership or showroom that you want through the UK. You can apply for these auto loans by filling up a simple application form on the website of the company.

Once you submit the application, it would be reviewed by the team of Car Loan 4 U and the decisions are provided normally within 12 hours. The car finance options offered by the company are also for those with bad credit. 90% of the applications are accepted by the company.

Once your auto loan has been approved, you would be assigned a car credit limit. You can then approach the dealership of your choice in any part of the country and select the car within that credit limit. Car Loan 4 U also has its own list of recommended dealership that you can contact for purchasing new cars. You can then select the car that you like and the funds would be transferred to the dealer so that you can take home your new car.

Features of car credit

The car credit program offered by Car Loan 4 U has a very high acceptance rate. You would be able to get an approval even with bad credit due to the lenient terms and conditions. No deposits are required to be made on the car that you purchase. You would have the freedom to purchase the car from any dealership that you like, though the company does have a recommended list of dealers.

The applications and processing is all done online and so the decisions are offered quite fast. The age restrictions with the company are quite flexible. You can apply the loan if you are anywhere from 18 to 75 years of age.

There are more than 50 different finance programs offered, though they tend to be more or less similar in nature. However, you can use the car finance calculator online to calculate your repayments on your own. The lowest APR offered by Car Loan 4 U is 7.9% and there are no service fees which are charged. The main benefit of arranging for auto loans through Car Loan 4 U is that you would have a high chance of being accepted if you have had credit problems in the past.