Car Finance Declines Insurance Premiums Increase Due To Driving Distractions

UK car buyers are currently witnessing some excellent car finance deals. Inexpensive financing has enabled more UK motorists to purchase new vehicles. However, traveling the highways and byways has an increasing cost in the form of distracted drivers.

Those who eat, drink, or change radio stations while driving pose hazards to others on the road.

In addition to presenting a risk to others, these drivers face increases in car insurance premiums should they be caught driving distracted. reported that receiving a “driving without due care and attention” conviction leads to an up to 27 percent increase in car insurance premiums.

Nearly 16,500 UK motorists are found guilty of this offense each year.

This conviction carries with it three points on the driver license and a £60 fine. In addition, car insurance premiums typically increase by over £200, creating £3.3 million of additional annual insurance premiums for carriers.

This is quite a high price to pay for eating a burger and fries while zooming down the highway or through city streets. To avoid these potential consequences, drivers should think twice before they distract themselves from the road.

The research conducted by also revealed that 15 percent of drivers polled said they ignored basic safety practices like wearing their seatbelt while driving.

This leaves these individuals more susceptible to injury from a distracted driver. car insurance guru Peter Harrison said that a failure to take safety precautions like wearing seatbelts is concerning.

Mr. Harrison commented that with UK roads becoming more congested, total concentration is required when driving. Even removing eyes from the road for a few seconds to eat a snack or make a mobile phone call can have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences.

Paying attention while driving can save on car insurance premiums but it can also save lives.