Bentley To Offer SUV By 2014

Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer recently confirmed that his company plans to release a 4×4 sport utility vehicle. Corporation parent Volkswagen still needs to approve the move but if that approval comes this year, the SUV could be on the market by 2014. Regardless of the state of the economy, many consumers will likely need car loans to afford this luxury vehicle.

Mr. Durheimer is the previous head of research and development at Porsche and spearheaded the Porsche Cayenne SUV launch. He reported that Porsche doubled its size by introducing its SUV. The CEO informed media publications that Bentley is working on its own version of the next-generation Cayenne, the VW Touareg, and Audi Q7.

Should Bentley be able to create an SUV that features craftsmanship on par with a Mulsanne or Continental, the venture should be quite successful said Mr. Durheimer. Industry insiders predict that the SUV may have the V12, six-liter, turbodiesel engine created for the Audi Q7. Some think the new four-liter, twin turbo, V8 gas engine developed for the 2012 Continental GT and an eight-speed, automatic, plug-in hybrid version will also be available.

It has been reported that the Bentley SUV will have the same modular MLB architecture as the Q7, Touareg, and next-generation Cayenne. This includes a spaceframe constructed from lightweight aluminum. Car has described the vehicle as a sporty, but luxurious four to five seat automobile featuring modern conveniences like a driver assistance system and air suspension.

According to this magazine, this SUV will sell for more than the Range Rover or Cayenne. Its release could help to redefine this consumer segment, especially if a plug-in hybrid is offered. Future car buyers should start getting their credit in shape now if they want to qualify for the amount of car finance required to purchase a Bentley SUV.