Be Aware Of Vehicles That Are Congestion Charge Exempt

Automotive Finance & Lease Ltd. recently issued a reminder to London commuters that more than 200 models of vehicles qualify for the Greener Vehicle Discount program. Cars are exempt from the £12 daily London Congestion Charge if they adhere to several specifications.

Registering a qualifying vehicle is easy and well worth the cost savings.

To be exempt, vehicles must emit 100 grams/kilogram or less CO2 and be Euro 5 compliant. These models come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the more obvious Toyota Prius and Nissan LEAF to the Peugeot 308 e-HDi and Volvo V50 DRIVe. Owners of qualifying vehicles must register with Transport for London and pay £10 annually to partake of the 100 percent Greener Vehicle Discount.

Paul Fagan, director of AFL, stated that the large list of qualifying models reflects that auto manufacturers have met the challenge to produce sub-100 g/km vehicles. Drivers are now able to choose sub-compact city cars such as the Toyota IQ or family autos like the Ford Focus and Seat Leon.

They can even select a high-end sports car like the Tesla Roadster.

Mr. Fagan said there is a vehicle for everyone on the list of cars qualifying for the Greener Vehicle Discount. The Smart ForTwo Coupe features a lease of just over £150 monthly, making it less expensive

than what many commuters spend for an Oyster card.

At the most costly end of the range is the Tesla Roadster, a £90,000 vehicle that features a £1,518.33 monthly lease.

Whether car buyers take out car loans or personal contract purchase pcp, they should consider getting a qualifying model vehicle. This will save them money over the long-term and make them feel positive about helping the environment.

Now that they have an impressive list of models to select from, they can also look stylish while driving.