Adverse credit autotrader financing options

Autotrader is known to be among the most valued dealers of cars and is one of the most trusted sources of information on car finance products. There are several different types of finance options that are offered by Autotrader and the company can help you secure finance for used as well as new car, no matter what your credit history has been like.

Autotrader brings together borrowers and lenders and it offers you a good opportunity to have as much information as you want about the various finance plans that are offered by different lenders in the market today. You would be able to get quotes of companies that offer the most suitable finance options according to your requirements and you can then select the one that seems to be the most suitable for you.

Your finance options through Autotrader

Autotrader provides a number of goodfinance options for borrowers who wish to buy a car on credit.

Even when you have bad credit, you would be able to get information about the various options that are currently being offered by lenders in UK for such individuals.

You can get quotes from these companies and then compare them.

Some of the adverse credit autotrader loan loans that you have are as given below:

Unsecured personal loans

Unsecured personal loans are the ones where you would not be required to have your car or your house as collateral or security. However, you should know that there are very few lenders who would be willing to offer you a loan like this when you have adverse credit. The loan term and the repayment amount per month would normally be fixed and the ownership of the car would belong to you as soon as the car is purchased.

Secured loans

A secured car loan is one in which you would be able to borrow a higher amount of money for the car by providing a security like your car or your home. The loans would be of higher amounts and for longer terms. The monthly repayment amounts would also be lower. More lenders provide these options to borrowers with low credit scores.


PCP is a contract in which you would be leasing the car for a fixed number of months and would be paying repayments monthly towards the end of it. There is a balloon payment which has to be made at the end of the term and you can keep the car if you make this payment or if you want, you can provide the car back and go for another car.

These were some of the main credit options that autotrader can help you get for your car finance even when you have bad credit. Study these options and select the one which seems to be the best suited to you.