ACF car finance for people with bad credit

ACF is a leading car finance specialist in the sub-prime market. The company provides a choice of good used cars which are high quality. acf car finance
It also arranges for car finance for its customers according to their budget and their financial circumstances. ACF provides a full range of services that starts from the time a customer contacts the company till Aftersales services.

ACF car finance process

The process for applying for finance with ACF is very simple. There is a short and easy application form that has to be filled up. The borrower can also call up and discuss the requirements with a company representative. The borrower can visit one of the dealership showrooms in the area and view the choice of cars that is available to them.

Test drive and other facilities are offered at the location. Once the borrower brings the old car, a cash back and part exchange would be provided on the new purchase.

In order to get a car loan with ACF, there are a few requirements which have to be fulfilled by the borrower. He/she has to be 23 years old or more, must have a driving license, should be a UK resident and must have an address history of three years and should be interested in a good quality used car.

The criteria fixed by the company are actually quite easy to fulfill and so the company attracts a very large number of applicants each month. If you fulfill these criteria, you would be eligible for the loan. However, anyone who is self-employed or resides outside England and Wales would not be eligible.

What are the benefits offered by ACF?

ACF car finance is immensely popular in the UK currently and there are quite a lot of reasons for it. The company provides all the services that an individual would need under one roof. Right from the selection of the car, exchanging your old car for cash back, finance services and everything else is taken care of by ACF which makes it easier for the lenders to handle things. The borrowers just need to get in touch with the company and everything else would be then taken care of quite smoothly.

ACF provides a large number of loans to borrowers each year. As it can be noticed from the eligibility criteria that have been discussed above, almost anyone can be eligible for the car finance. ACF car finance is convenient and easy to get which makes it very popular with the borrowers.