ACF car finance for people in the UK

ACF car finance is one of the more well known sub prime car dealers in the UK which specializes in good quality used cars. ACF car finance photoThe company has a huge network of showroom across the country and offers car finance options that would suit the individual circumstances of the customers.

One of the main benefits of arranging for car credit through ACF is that it offers guaranteed car finance. Even if you have been rejected for auto loans elsewhere, you would be able to arrange for car credit with ACF. ACF car finance belongs to The Funding Corporation and has a tie up with other good finance companies that work along with ACF so customers would be able to arrange for guaranteed car finance if not from ACF, then through other finance companies when they approach ACF or purchase used cars through them.

Car finance with ACF

ACF offers a wide range of used cars whichcar finance pic can be purchased through the large network of showrooms that can be found all over the country. The car finance options offered by the company can be tailored if you have specific budget requirements or special circumstances. The process that is followed at ACF is quite short and easy to follow. Once you decide to purchase one of the used cars at the showroom, you would have to fill up a short application form online or at the showroom itself by speaking to one of the staff members.

You would have the liberty to arrange for finance on any of the cars available at the showroom of ACF and you can test drive and check the car according to your satisfaction. You would have the option to arrange for a part exchange if you have an old car and want to exchange it for a new one.

This option works out well for those who have limited funds and don’t want to take the responsibility of first finding a buyer for their old car. The value of your old car would be settled against the cost of the car that you are purchasing.

You would be given an appointed day when you have to bring along the documents that are required and once you submit them, you can drive away your car.

The requirements

In order to be eligible for the car credit program at ACF, you would have to be at least 23 years of age. You must have a UK driving license that is valid and you must also be a resident of the country. You should have a 3 years history at your current address and must have the valid documents to support this fact.

If you fit into the criteria, you would be eligible to apply for the car credit program. One of the main benefits with ACF car finance is that the process is quite quick and you would have the option to exchange your old car to decrease the amount that you would need to borrow.